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"Christine Hempler of Bay Area Employee Benefits has been a godsend! Over the past nine years, Christine has helped us coordinate our family and small business health insurance needs. During each open enrollment period, Christine has patiently helped us navigate the maze of the many insurance options by explaining in layman's terms the pros and cons of the various policies and helping us narrow down our choices based on our financial and health situation. Her strength has been in educating us so that we could make an informed decision. Christine has given health insurance seminars to our employees as well as a professional technical consultants association that we belong to. I highly recommend Christine; she is very knowledgeable, proactive, articulate and amiable."

Kathy, Chief Executive Officer
    A Nonprofit ...

"I've been working with Christine Hempler for over 13 years now. I was lucky that the company I worked for in August 2000 was using her services at Bar Area Employee Benefits - implementing and negotiating our employee benefits without effecting our bottom line. Using Bay Area Employee Benefits is like having an additional employee who cares about your organization, makes you feel they are invested in the success of your company, and more importantly someone you can trust. When I moved onto a new company in March of 2008, I knew there was one person I wanted to implement our Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Policies - Christine Hempler. Christine and her staff always look out for our small group to make sure we get the best possible rate and deals with the bureaucracy of the health insurance companies."

Richard, Chief Finance Officer
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"I have been working with Christine Hempler for about 5 years. She is a great resource with in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry. Christine provides excellent recommendations and solutions that parallel our business goals while being proactive to offer options our employees want for themselves and their families. In addition to her attention to premium costs, she regards each of our employees with genuine concern as if they were her own employees. We value our relationship with her and are very satisfied."

Chad, Chief Executive Officer
    A High Tech Firm ...

"Christine Hempler has been my Broker for our Medical Benefits for our company for the last several years. Her assistance to me has been immeasurably positive in every way. She has provided excellent personal one-on-one customer service which has created a very strong bond of trust in her abilities and recommendations. Her professionalism and integrity is optimum along with a warm sense of genuine concern and caring. This has been apparent not only to me but to our employees as well. I highly value her expertise and dependability."

Rona, Executive Vice President
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