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Why Choose Bay Area Employee Benefits?

We are a full service employee benefit brokerage, offering group health insurance, dental, vision, life, long/short term disability, and voluntary insurance plans. We also provide consulting for cafeteria plans, medical and dependent care reimbursement plans, pre-tax plans, 401(K) pension plans, out-of-area programs for off-site employees and international programs. These are just a sampling of services we offer to our clients.

When designing employee benefit offerings for a client such as yourself, emphasis is placed on providing value to the employee, while controlling costs for you, the employer. Our knowledge is benefits and only benefits. Our goal is to be the leader in providing quality employee benefit programs. We believe a brokerage succeeds because of the value placed on its client and the investment our clients make in their employees.

Your sales executive is your account service representative. Too often, clients are promised the world by a sales representative, only to find out that the salesperson disappeared the day after the sale. When you choose Bay Area Employee Benefits to provide essential employee benefit consulting to your firm, your primary contact with our organization is the person with whom you work to select benefit plans, from the beginning.

Commitment - Integrity. Such simple words, but often an elusive quality in today's world of business and finance. Being able to rely on our work, knowing that we stand behind our promises, having the confidence that we will follow through for you on our commitments, all of this means integrity, an essential element in any long term relationship.

Our focus on the design and creation of quality employee benefit programs will help you eliminate many of the problems caused by the complexity of insurance plans, the ever changing government regulations, and the maze of administration details that plague many employers today.
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