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Health Insurance for Small Businesses

Bay Area Employee Benefits' marketing efforts are based upon the need of the employer and their employees. We can arrange a variety of group PPO, HMO, HSA Health Plans, Dental, Vision, Disability, Voluntary, etc. with many different insurance companies on your behalf.

Bay Area Employee Benefits answers your employees' questions and educates your staff to alleviate those responsibilities from you. We want your employees to use your insurance plans to their fullest advantage.

We will provide proposals for health, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, HSA, Section 125, Retirement Plans and even any international employee benefits that you may require.

Give us an opportunity to provide a quote to see for yourself what we can do for you. We offer a "Second Opinion" proposal with no obligation. We look forward to working with you, answering questions and earning your business.

Every employer we speak with shares the common frustration that no matter how much they appreciate their current benefit carrier, they feel outmatched when it comes to dealing with administrative issues. A simple billing problem or an unpaid x-ray bill, for instance, can easily tap into hours of the valuable time of your staff.

Each time there is an issue to address, the employer wastes time and money!

SOLUTION!  Allow Bay Area Employee Benefits to perform the tiresome, tedious work of identifying, diagnosing, and resolving the daily concerns of your employee benefit programs. A single phone call can solve your problems, allowing time for the business of running your business!

Contact us by e-mail to get answers to your group health plan questions or to request a quote. Or call us at (408) 649-1700. We're always here to help you determine your needs and find the best solutions for you, your family, or business. There is never a fee for our exceptional and personalized services.
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